JoMP PhotoGraphics welcomes you to our updated showcase!

Here you will find some of the results of one of my passions The images are the result of more than 4 decades' experience being behind the camera. I am first showcasing my more current work - portraits. I promise to update this constantly! Yes, that is everyone's intention, but I promise to begin now!

You'll notice much of my work is black and white. By removing one layer of reality (colour), it become a more abstract, more expressive medium. Need convincing? Watch Woody Allen's 'Manhattan', or pick up a book on the photos of some of the greats: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston or Alfred Steiglitz. Certainly, colour photos have their place; a photo that is in colour because of the colour is wonderful. A photo that is in colour just because it is not in black and white needs some rethinking.

As I said, a lot of my current work is photographing models... women who are working at becoming published models, women who are do it to make art, and women who love posing and having their photos taken. I often think how lucky I am to work with these women, but I have to tell you, it is much more challenging than shooting what I used to shoot, buildings! Have a look at some of the models I have had the pleasure to work with... click on the image below to open the gallery of albums I have put together from our shoots. Yes, some of the images are sexy, some are nudes or "implieds" (kind of nude, kind of not), and a few might be more erotic. If that bothers you, please feel free to visit another site.
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